Acne Treatment

Acne can be one of the most frustrating and embarrassing skin conditions to live with.  The fact is you don't have to live with it, it can be successfully and easily treated.  Our revolutionary acne treatment can minimise and reduce the severity of your acne and pimples from the first treatment.

Acne is a complex problem that can start in our early teens and carry on up to our 30's or even 40's.  There are various causes of acne including hormonal imbalances, bacterial infection, lifestyle choices and home-care routines.  Here at Skin Body Health we will perform a detailed consultation to understand the cause of your acne and design a comprehensive program to suit your individual needs.  Using our extensive experience with problem and acne prone skin we utilise the latest innovative pimple and acne treatments to clear surface breakouts and design internal & external home-care programs to prevent new pustule formation.

Acne Treatments Include....

Acne Scarring

Finally your acne has cleared!  But now you may be left with some persistent scarring.  There a different types of scarring that can occur from discolorations to bumps and pits. Skin Body Health offers the latest innovative acne scarring treatments. 

Let our skin experts devise a thorough treatment plan to get you on the road to a clean clear and smooth complexion.

Acne scarring treatments can include


Featured on the Edge Lifestyle for our Innovative Acne Treatments.

" Once your humming along nicely on the inside, you can get moving on the outside; Jade has a seriously impressive selection of peels, light therapies and advanced clinical treatments available at each of her two Sydney Skin Body Health Clinics, which can be specifically tailored to each client’s personal needs." 

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