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Background Information

Spider veins, also known as telangiectasia, thread veins, broken veins, surface veins or venous flares are small blood vessels that have become dilated near the surface of the skin. Spider veins are not varicose veins.

Thread veins and spider veins are commonly found on the face (around the nose, cheeks, and chin, more commonly known as rosacea) or the legs (Upper thigh, below the knee joint, and around the ankles). Usually very near the surface of the skin, red, blue, or purple in colour, and less than 1 to 2 mm in diameter.

They are not regarded as a serious medical condition but they can occasionally ache.

Thread veins can cause distress as the sufferer often feels self-conscious, particularly if the blemish is on an exposed part of the body, such as the legs.

This treatment utilizes the principle of "Thermo-Coagulation" which is based on ultra-high frequency electromagnetic oscillations heating up the thread vein without affecting the outer layers of the skin. The machine selectively heats the thread vein, destroying it and allowing the body to reabsorb it over a period of time.  Another form of thermo-coagulation is created with our state of the art Nova Light CPL system.  Your fully qualified skin therapist will advise you on which procedure suits your needs.

The Procedure

The procedure is relatively painless and can be applied to all areas of the body including knees and ankles which are otherwise too difficult to treat. Patient may resume everyday activity immediately after their session.

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Alexander Rivkin performs Veinwave, a brand-new procedure that collapses the veins, on 34-year-old Tonya. For more information, please visit http://www.thedoctorstv.com

Treatment sessions depend on the number and extent of thread veins requiring treatment.


All skin types can be treated. 

Simple and affordable procedure

Any area of the body can be treated including the face ankles and knees which can be hard to treat with other methods such as sclerotherapy.

Relatively painless procedure.  No side effects.  No bruising.  Sun exposure allowed after a few days.

Moles, milia, skin tags, pimples and cherry angiomas can also easily be treated.



How long will it take to recover from this treatment?

The whole treatment should usually take no longer than half an hour or so – depending on how many veins require treatment. You can normally drive immediately and go about your usual daily activities following this treatment.

What are the risks and potential complications?

Some pain or burning at the needle site may occur, however, most people find it a relatively painless treatment.

For 3 weeks or so the area treated may be red and form fine a fine scabbing - occasionally this lasts for 5 or 6 weeks.

Complications are extremely rare and there appears to be little risk of scarring following treatment. 

Occasionally you may also find new veins developing in the treated areas, or even old veins flaring up again.

Will my veins come back?

Once the veins shrink completely they will not return, as they are destroyed by thermo-coagulation.  Up to 1 to 6 sessions may be necessary depending on the severity of the veins and the surrounding skin condition.

Can anyone have this treatment?

This treatment is suitable for most and all skin types.

Who should avoid this treatment?

Women during pregnancy, anyone with a pacemaker, adverse heart conditions, epilepsy,iInfectious skin conditions, using anti-coagulants, wearing fake tan.

Post treatment care

After the treatment it is quite safe to perform all daily activities.  Certain precautions should be taken, these include:

Avoid any drastic changes in temperature

Do not keep touching or picking the treated area

No sunbathing

No saunas or steam rooms

No exfoliation

Spider Vein Removal
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"Skin Body Health Laser Clinic was recommended to me by a friend. She had a successful experience with laser on her face and I was hoping to do something about the annoying spider veins on my legs. I really didn’t know what to expect. I had so many little veins on my thighs and and lower legs as well as much bigger ones behind my knees.  The difference is amazing!  I noticed a huge improvement right after the very first session. I happily wear shorter shorts now and I wouldn’t have even considered that before this treatment.  On top a great result, Jade is super! She knows what’s she’s doing, makes you feel comfortable and the salon is so peaceful and private."  Rachel Zehner
"I was impressed with the results of the Spider Vein Removal treatment that Jade performed on my thighs. She was very professional and explained the procedure and expected results in detail. It was not painful and the results were visible soon after treatment. I would highly recommend this treatment."   Dr Elna Fourie