Laser Hair Removal

With the development of modern Laser technology, efficient, safe and comfortable treatments are now available to permanently reduce hair using filtered light. Not only do you have less hair at the end of your series of treatments but skin becomes smooth, even toned and ingrown hairs become a thing of the past!

What equipment do we use?

Skin Body Health uses the TGA/FDA approved Nova light CPL system , scientifically proven by the European Society For Laser Aesthetic Surgery (ESLAS), for its effectiveness and safety, Read scientific Report. Utilising a unique cooling hand-piece that provides contact cooling to protect the skin minimising any discomfort. This equipment was designed in Australia and is among the latest technology designed for effectiveness, comfort and speed of treatments.

How it works

Light is absorbed by the pigment of the hair, the hairs heat up and damage the follicles that surround them while a cooling system protects the skin.

Number of treatments

6-10 treatments are usually sufficient to give a satisfactory level of hair reduction.

Special Care – Treatment for darker skin

Laser and IPL is usually considered to be unsuitable for tanned skin, however our state of the art technology does provide a safe hair removal system suitable for darker skin tones. Just ask us how it works.

The unique properties of controlled pulse light means that men and women can now improve skin appearance, stimulate collagen growth and treat a wide range of skin problems whilst removing unwanted hair on any area of the body and face.

Get The Facts 

Wondering about the differences between Laser's and IPL's or CPL's?  Whilst most Laser clinic's will argue the safety and effectiveness of their own technology to be the best, most will also argue the other being laser or IPL to be unsafe or ineffective.  This information is actually untrue and misleading.  Both Laser and IPL/CPL technology are equally effective and safe when operated by experienced professionals using high standard equipment.

The main difference between a true laser and IPL is that a Laser has a direct beam of light and IPL's have a scattered light.  In fact since IPL and CPL stimulates cell renewal and collagen production in the skin, whilst your having your hair removal treatment you will also be rejuvenating your skin, giving you a smooth, soft, hair free result.

Compare Laser and IPL/CPL.  Get the true facts in this comparative scientific study carried out by the European Society for Laser Aesthetic Surgery.

You should also know that no hair removal, IPL or otherwise can truly be said to be permanent hair removal. While some clinics say laser, IPL or SPL is permanent hair removal, this isn’t strictly true. It is actually permanent hair reduction that may require a few touch-up sessions annually to maintain your results.



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Skin Body Health is one of the most well respected, reputable laser clinics in Sydney. This hard-won reputation is the result of years in the laser industry, perfecting our skills, and ensuring we always use the very latest technology and the most experienced people.

Our laser clinic offers the best, most permanent solutions to common skin and body problemsl, using the very latest international technology.

The Nova Light TGA/FDA approved technology has been scientifically proven by the European Society For Laser Aesthetic Surgery (ESLAS) for its effectiveness and safety.

All our treatments are carried out by a fully-qualified laser technician with over 10 years experience.

Skin Body Health believes high standard treatments should be accessible to everyone. For this reason, our clinic offers the best prices in Australia, without sacrificing quality.


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