The Ultimate cellulite and Inch Loss Treatment.

Skin Body Health presents the latest innovative and effective professional intelligent slimming therapy based on a 4-Dimensional procedure.

Targeting topical obesity and cellulite through *Lypolisis activation (metabolising fatty acids), *Elasticity Improvement (contouring effect), * Micro-circulation (Lymphatic drainage + Cell detox) and Anti-inflammation.

Utilising the latest technology and ingredients created by the Team of Research and Development Department of DERMEDICS™ comprised of medicine doctors, physiotherapists, pharmacists, bio-technologists and cosmetologists.

The Result

Up to 10% fat reduction on treated areas.

Reduction in the appearance of cellulite and orange peel skin by providing an increase in dermal strength, improving skin elasticity, reducing the intrusion fat tissue into the dermis and increasing cellular detoxification and anti-oxidation capacity.

The Procedure

This 4 dimensional treatment comprises of the following steps: 1) Stimulating blood flow to the skin through body brushing.  2) Application of Dermedics meso-slim & meso-capil on targeted areas.  3) A combination of Fat Cavitation & Radio Frequency to suit clients needs.  4) Application of Lipo drain and Vaccum Suction to drain fatty fluids & toxins.  5) Application of Lipo Balm and full body wrap for 1hr.  Total treatment time is 2hrs.


The Proof is in the Science

Over 54Hrs post treatment the adipocytes (fat cells) reduce their lipid stock and reorganize their 3 dimensional conformation.

Triglyceride stock reduction and adipocytes shedding - 55% decrease of triglyceride storage in mature fat cells after 9 days.


It is recommended to start with a course of 6 treatments carried out weekly or fortnightly.

Clients are advised to stick with a low carb diet post treatmenta and increase water intake by 25%.  It is also advisable to use a scrub and mitt once or twice a day to stimulate blood flow and the lymphatic system in the whole body and concentrating on the treated areas.


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